War Games

War Games

War Games: Memory, Militarism and the Subject of Play
New York, Bloomsbury, 2020
ISBN: 9781501351150
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1. Introduction: Studying War and Games
Philip Hammond and Holger Pötzsch

Part I: Militarism and the Gaming Subject

2. Reality Check: Videogames as Propaganda for Inauthentic War
Philip Hammond

3. Playing in the End Times: Wargames, Resilience and the Art of Failure
Kevin McSorley

4. The Political Economy of Wargames: The Production of History and Memory in Military Video Games
Emil Lundedal Hammar and Jamie Woodcock

5. Understanding War Game Experiences: Applying Multiple Player Perspectives to Game Analysis
Kristine Jørgensen

Part II: Playing War, History and Memory

6. Playing the Historical Fantastic: Zombies, Mecha-Nazis and Making Meaning about the Past through Metaphor
Adam Chapman

7. Machine(s) of Narrative Security: Mnemonic Hegemony and Polish Games about Violent Conflicts
Piotr Sterczewski

8. National Memories and the First World War: The Many Sides of Battlefield 1
Chris Kempshall

9. Let’s Play War: Cultural Memory, Celebrities and Appropriations of the Past
Stephanie de Smale

Part III: Wargames/Peacegames

10. The Wargame Legacy: How Wargames Shaped the Roleplaying Experience from Tabletop to Digital Games
Dimitra Nikolaidou

11. Critical War Game Development: Lessons Learned from Attentat 1942
Vít Šisler

12. Simulating War Dynamics: A Case Study of the Game-Based Learning Exercise Mission Z: One Last Chance
Joakim Arnøy

13. Positioning Players as Political Subjects: Forms of Estrangement and the Presentation of War in This War of Mine and Spec Ops: The Line
Holger Pötzsch

14. Afterword: War/Game
Matthew Thomas Payne


‘Hammond and Pötzsch have put together a remarkable collection of essays which at turns surprises, challenges and even provokes the reader … An excellent compendium for an era dominated by war and mediated simulacra of warfare, War Games has brought together some of the cutting-edge scholars working in the emerging discipline of historical gaming to produce a meaningful and important discussion of how war and games are critically and culturally enmeshed in twenty-first-century society.’
– Andrew B.R. Elliott, University of Lincoln

‘The impressive range of perspectives in this collection bring new insight and nuance to the expanding field of war and games.’
– Debra Ramsay, University of Exeter

‘Despite the numerous works on the connection between war and games over the last decade, War Games breaks new ground in terms of its focus and distinct interdisciplinary perspective…Every essay makes a truly meaningful contribution to the larger understanding of the intersection of militarism and games. Highly recommended.’
– James McBain, Pittsburg State University, Choice Magazine, December 2020

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