Climate Change and Post-Political Communication

Climate Change and Post-Political Communication

Climate Change and Post-Political Communication:
Media, Emotion & Environmental Advocacy

London, Routledge, 2018
ISBN: 9781138777507
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Introduction: ‘Post-political’ climate change

1. Political elites and the search for green meaning

2. Cycles, arenas and norms: understanding news coverage

3. Green consumption, lifestyle journalism and media advocacy

4. Climate change and celebrity culture

5. Celebrity solutions and the radical alternative

Conclusion: In search of the political


‘This is a must read for anyone concerned with the workings of 21st century fear culture and the media. Hammond provides an excellent account of how climate change has been integrated into a therapeutic outlook on public life.’
– Frank Furedi, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, University of Kent

‘Is climate change the ultimate global problem which must be solved through coordinated, collective action; or is this drive for consensus on climate change denying political subjectivity and obstructing the possibility of solving more pressing social injustices? Philip Hammond’s new book, Climate Change and Post-Political Communication, offers an original and persuasive answer to this question by following the roles of media, news journalism and celebrity in the public framing of climate change.’
– Mike Hulme, Professor of Human Geography, University of Cambridge

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